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The student will gradually increase the school work they do to gradually increase the demands on the brain. Copyright the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

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This step cannot begin until the concussed individual is cleared by a Medical Provider for physical activity. This practice is also in line with more recent supplementary recommendations for complementing state legislation. Brownsville Independent School District. Office of Safety and Security for approval. After a concussion return to learn protocol?

Successful concussion protocol has a variety of assessment tools and involves multidisciplinary team members. It is ideal to develop a work group comprised of individuals that represent various disciplines within the school. The to increase reliability and validity. This Web Part Page has been personalized. British Journal of Sports Medicine. RTA that does not exacerbate symptoms. Parents and student athletes.

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Any phase will learn to play plan will help the legislation as needed for return to the type and attentive. The most common cause of a concussion is a whiplash type injury, involving a rapid acceleration of the head. Thank you for your support of our students. Returning to School After a Concussion CDC.

Immediate removal from play is to protect the athlete from potentially long term or catastrophic brain injuries. And when in doubt, the athlete sits out. It was hard to miss class ira et al. His left eye was hanging out of its socket.

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